I thought I should probably write something about myself, so here is a short background story.

As I wrote in another post, I’m 31 32 years old and currently live and work in Oslo, Norway. My wife and I live in a nice flat, but obviously we’ll need to move onto something bigger soon or there won’t be enough space for all the cacti. C’est la vie.

I grew up in Kristiansand, in the south of Norway. My two greenhouses are still there, full of plants that my father takes great care of in my absence. Hopefully I will be able to relieve him of some of those duties once me and my wife find a suitable house with a nice garden to put a greenhouse.

Before moving to Oslo I spent six years studying at the University of Bergen on the west coast of Norway. There I did an M.Sc. in physical geography/Quaternary geology focusing on the last glacial period in Norway, particularly with respect to the advance and extent of the ice sheet, the landforms left behind, and palaeoclimatology. I spent two summers doing field work in the Dovre mountains in central Norway as part of my thesis and had a lot of fun. Though, with cacti in mind, maybe I should have done a thesis on palaeoclimatology in the Andes instead, with particular focus on its biogeographical effect on cactus evolution…

Though collecting cacti and succulents is my main hobby, I also have a keen interest in geology and palaeontology, and enjoy collecting rocks and fossils. I’m a football fan too, and apart from supporting my home team Start, I’m also a Liverpool supporter. I also enjoy video games and books, so it’s hard sometimes to find the time for it all!

Me, enjoying the September sun on my 31st birthday.


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